Snappy enables you to capture a screen area and automatically pins it above all windows, always on top, always visible.You can think of it as a visual memory you want to keep around. And, just like a memory, you can share it.
Need to remember something from Window A so you can use it in Window B? Just snap and pin that info.
Developers, you can pin code, layout areas, documentation or tasks.
Designers, you can pin images or colors,
or use it to compare visuals.

Watching a video? Found a scene you like? Pause, snap, share.
Chatting with someone and want to share or save a dialog? Snap, save/share.
Renting an apartment? Hard to make a shortlist and decide? Snap, compare, decide.

Snap & Pin

Snappy acts like an OS X Add-On, accessible via ⇧⌘2 (Shift-Cmd-2). If triggered you'll notice a crosshair which you can use to select the area you what to snap. Your snap is now pinned above all windows, always visible and always accessible.

Oh, and you can access your snap history by using the "Snaps From the Past" option in the menu.


You can share your snap very easily, just right click the snap an select how you want to share it. Currently there are 2 options, via Snappy and via Facebook. will provide you with an URL that you can send to anyone.

After logging in to Facebook from Snappy, you can share you snap by clicking the "Share on Facebook" menu item in the snap's contextual menu.

That's it! Start snapping!


Only 1.99. Available on the Map App Store.

Available on the Mac App Store